AirTrav: To New Heights

With its fleet of seaplanes and helicopters,
Airtrav redefines the way one flies

In 2015, Captain Jacob Cusi was able to secure an Air Operator Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for the company he founded—Airtrav. He was able to begin operating chartered flights through their own Robinson R-44 helicopter, with pilots trained in Robinson’s manufacturing facility in California. In the same year, Uber partnered with Airtrav to launch UberCHOPPER in the country. Through his efforts, the company is also the designated helicopter tour provider of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival held annually in Clark, Pampanga. They have expanded their services to provide commercial flights to select locations in the country this year.

Air Trav Philippines president Jacob Cusi

Through its acquisition of the Cessna Grand Caravan Ex Amphibian, Airtrav currently offers flights from Manila to Clark, Puerto Galera, Busuanga, and back. The brand-new eight-seater plane allows take-off and landing on water, which quickens access to these idyllic locations. “No airport lines, no bag drops, no waiting at the boarding gate,” says Cusi. “We only ask our passengers to be at the terminal 20 minutes before their flight!” Passengers are then treated to scenic views en route to their destinations, while nestled comfortably in their seats and with generous legroom to spare.


Airtrav is set to acquire additional seaplanes by the end of the year and has plans of expanding its commercial flights to more destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. In spite of this, any location in the country is within reach through their Charter Services. They also utilise their fleet for other purposes, such as VIP helicopter transfers, wedding proposals, and flower droppings, as well as coordinating with Red Cross in facilitating search and rescue operations and disaster response endeavours. With all these to offer, Airtrav makes flights more convenient and enjoyable while being safe and comfortable at the same time.



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