Seaplane operator AirTrav rides on thriving PH tourism

"AirTrav Corp. launched scheduled flights from Manila to Clark International Airport and Puerto Galera, with plans to expand to Visayas within the year."

"Imagine how many hours you can save for swimming (and eating at their famous pizza place) if you can get there as soon as possible. AirTrav, a Filipino company that operates air charter services, lets you fly from Manila to Puerto Galera for just 40 minutes."

"Privately owned commercial aviation company AirTrav Corp. is spending $6 million (P320 million) to further expand its recently introduced scheduled seaplane services out of Manila’s docks."
"Aside from fleet expansion, the company also plans to expand its destinations to Visayas within the year and to Mindanao by next year.
"Seaplanes are built for a number of things — access to remote areas, water rescues, etc. — but AirTrav highlights convenience and safety above all, which are what the aviation company provides best."
"This year, Malasimbo has partnered with AirTrav which can tailor packages for festival goers."
"For this year, Malasimbo has partnered with a professional travel provider to offer customizable all-inclusive travel packages. With the help of AirTrav, you can get a tailored package that is comfortable and convenient for you."
"Further, Malasimbo Festival 2019 has partnered with AirTrav to offer all-inclusive travel packages for the attendees. These packages are highly customizable for everyone’s convenience."


"This year, AirTrav Philippines Inc., has expanded its business to transport more people directly to their Philippine destinations with the acquisition of the new Cessna Grand Caravan Ex Amphibian."
"Traveling in the Philippines is no longer a pain in the ass with Airtrav. Recently, this Filipino-operated airline company spreads its wings to take Philippine travel to the next level. Honestly, why didn't anyone think of this sooner? The Philippine tourism would totally benefit from seaplanes. Why, we have more water than land! And with Airtrav, we can simply land on water.
The Jerny
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience "If you have never been to Puerto Galera before, I highly recommend taking a seaplane from Manila to Puerto Galera via AirTrav. It’s completely a superb flying experience and you’d never want to take that option to ride a boat just to get to the paradise."
Modern Woman Asia "Worry no more because I’ve found a modern way how to get there! Forget about the 6 hours travel time! It will only take about less than an hour from Manila! What if I tell you that another option of traveling to Puerto Galera is to fly!"